A womans highest calling is serving her family…

05 Oct

Fuck you, it is.

First of all this kind of stupid mentality pre-supposes a proverbial fuck ton of stuff. That she WILL have a family, that she will be HAPPY having a family and that serving said family is the ultimate fulfillment. That’s not even touching on the fact that it flat out declares that there is NOTHING better in life a cunt bearer could do then use her cunt. To fuck her husband, to birth her children, and then serve both.

Again with the fuck you.

And yet, this message is bludgeoned into women from the word go. Pink wee dollies all dressed in frills gifted on special occasions to the cooes and awws of family pushing her to nurture the plastic princess to gain adoring glances and much sought after approval. Wee kitchens color themed in feminized colors like pink, white and purple. Awww look! An e z bake oven to train you that slaving away over food isn’t work! It’s FUN!

Do I need to reiterate the fuck you? No? You with me?

I was driving home today and thinking about what a shock it’s been to realize how much happier I am outside of a traditional family unit with my daughter. And how much I struggle with feeling like I failed by not being in a hetero family centric situation with another womb sprog on the way. There is nothing in my life to indicate I failed – my child is incredibly happy, easy going, creative, smart and enjoyable. I am happiest alone or in her company, working on various projects around the house and doing my art. So what the fuck of this situation indicates a failure at life? Nothing.

Except female socialization. That a womans highest calling is have dinner on the table when her man gets home from a hard days work. That perfectly ironed clothing and matching outfits and numerous happy smiling well behaved children quantify her worth. And if she IS to work outside the home, god forbid anything at home suffers or she slacks off there, effectively doubling her workload. It’s just fucking ludicrous when you stop and muse on it a moment.

I like a clean house but I fucking hate cleaning. I am a damn good cook and loath doing dishes. In fact I would rather shovel chicken shit outside in the rain then be within ten feet of a sink full of dishes. I regularly ignore chores to build things in my garden or work on art projects. Some nights we eat popcorn, apples and yogurt for dinner because there are more interesting things to do then slave over a meal. It’s food. It’s filling. It’s meeting your nutritional needs, now lets go DO stuff.

And yet this nagging feeling of doing it wrong lingers.

But it’s cool. I can say fuck you as many times as I need to.


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5 responses to “A womans highest calling is serving her family…

  1. nevyn

    October 6, 2011 at 12:26 am

    So glad you have moderation. And therefore will be nice and not publish this.

    I must have a very dirty mind because I got the giggles when I read the poster and only one icky thing came to mind.

    And yes, I agreee with you completely. Which is why when I cook I make sure I have the tenderest peice of meat, the best chippies, cook only the veges I like and if the roast is undercooked he gets the rawest part. Some dickhead may have decided the woman’s place is in the kitchen but the idiot forgot that it also makes it HER domain to do as she pleases and I sure as shit do.

    • nevyn

      October 6, 2011 at 12:28 am

      For fucks sake you removed moderation. Thanks for the warning. (mutter, mutter)

      • tafffy

        October 28, 2011 at 7:28 am

        No, you’re just on preapproval lol

  2. squiggystardust

    October 24, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    I agree with everything you said and have a few more things to add about the continuum after the kids have grown up, left the nest, and begin having children of their own. Fucking depressing. I loved being a single mother of bright, creative amazing kids. Somehow once they were out of college and had a few years out in the world they seemed distinctly repelled by me. Their good-for-nothing-father is now treated with the utmost respect, for what reason I can’t fathom. I love my 2 grandkids, one from each daughter, but I see both my daughters caught up in the shittiness of mothering that is the case in all supposed ‘first-world’ countries. They don’t see the ‘bowing down’ part of what they do with their husbands. The horror which is kids natural lives feels almost too much for me this third time around. If anyone would have predicted the distain of my beloved grown children I wouldn’t have believed it for a minute. I aspire to live a passionate life despite my heartbreak and I accomplish it most of the time. It’s damn hard. wtff?

    • tafffy

      October 28, 2011 at 7:35 am

      I swear its a survival instinct. If they bow to the patriarchy, it will go easier for them. The fucking weight of mother shaming is just… soul crushing. I can TOTALLY see why someone would chose to play by the patriarchal rules rather than buck the system. I am just too fucking stubborn. “You want me to WHAT?! Fuck you! ….oh shit, I’ve offended EVERYONE!” lol

      But my heart goes out to you. That must be so hard to watch. ❤


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