So yeah the title says a lot.

I am fat.

I am a cunt bearer.

I am a feminist (actually radical feminist would be more accurate).

I am a non believer/free thinker.

I am a single mum.

…and a whole lot more so lets dispense with the labels.

I started this blog after a relationship ended and I was hit with the realization that in most of my relationships in life, outside of my closest friends are fraught with ridiculous expectations and constantly strained as I am supposed to play this role in society and I. don’t. fucking. want. to.

Realizing that and thinking on it, as well as having left a misogynistic faith  (evangelical Christianity), raising a daughter in this patriarchal culture and a being a misanthrope to boot left me needing to blog. Anonymously. Because holy fuck do people get pissy when you speak your mind or truth and… well… fuck drama.

So welcome to my blog : )

Edited to Add:

I just wanted to leave a little note on the Ethos of this blog, because I logged in this morning and boom, totally unexpected, I had a ton of views and a bunch of comments. I never saw that coming lol and figured I would be blogging to myself for awhile to come. Anyway! I just wanted to say that I don’t just consider this blog just “my” space, in that I will do my damnedest to hold your space as readers and commenters as well. What that means is you’re all welcome to comments and discussions which may even inspire blog posts. I am not perfect and I still consider myself a bit of a newb to radfem topics, but I am open and willing to discuss, so lets enjoy each others company. That said there’s things I won’t tolerate – victim blaming, mother shaming, slut shaming (fuck it, lets just go broad and say WOMAN shaming) and being a general cunt to another poster or being fucking mansplained. Seriously? Not going to facilitate that shit. But the rest? I will do my best to facilitate discourse, encouragement and support, even if it challenges me. Sound good? ❤


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